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Building & Grounds Ministry Leader:  Perry Spanner 

Building and GroundsThe Building and Grounds Ministry Team oversees many aspects of keeping our beautiful church facility operating and continuing to be a pleasant place to worship. Having a broad range of activities necessitates this team to have one of the largest yearly budgets.

B & G endeavors to account for all continuing operating expenses, planned and unplanned. These items include the basics:  electricity, water, insurance, security, landscaping, cleaning supplies, trash removal and exterminating. Routine maintenance includes irrigation systems operation, heating and air-conditioning service, refrigeration, freezer and general kitchen appliance maintenance and repair, locks, lighting, painting and building repairs and garden supplies.

By far, our largest budget item is Major Maintenance.  In the past, this has included asphalt driveway repairs, tree removal, electrical wiring, new blinds for Elliott Hall, a handicap ramp for the sanctuary, and regular organ and piano maintenance.

In the past, we replaced a very old and malfunctioning dishwasher in the Elliott Hall’s communal kitchen with a new commercial dishwasher.  Recently, we replaced our stove system to comply with fire regulations.  Both were badly needed in order to continue to serve not only our church members but also for the very busy Ruth’s Ministry Thursday Feeding Program which provides weekly hot meals to people in need.  All of this renovation was done with designated funds graciously donated by church members and friends.

There are always new projects developing to keep our aging, 1960’s era, but wonderfully beautiful facility operating.  The B & G Team meets monthly, on a Saturday, for a Building and Grounds Cleanup Day in order to cleanup and beautify the church’s grounds.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Building & Grounds Ministry, please Email us or click here and let us know how you’d like to offer your talents!

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