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Community Outreach Ministry Leader:  To Be Determined

communicationsThe Community Outreach Ministry reaches the congregation and our community through media in order to inspire, inform, and invite participation in the life, mission, and purposes of the Church. Like no other, our mustard seed reaches far…and not just on Sundays!

To fulfill our commitment to God, we utilize every way that we can in order to bring God’s word to all who will read, watch or listen.  Whether they are sitting in the first pew in our beautiful sanctuary, in Sunday School, laying in bed in the next town or another country, we strive to bring the best of our worship experiences and events to life for all to see.  Just as Jesus’s message to everyone.  We are constantly evaluating new technology and learning new skills in order to accomplish our mission.

Our advertising arm covers everything from newspaper, magazine, online, radio and television advertising. We have a continuous presence in our regular print advertising and then supplement our advertisements in those mediums for our special events.  With the popularity of web advertising, we take full advantage of such a vast audience.  Our website is often the first place that someone finds out about our wonderful church.  Bringing all the excitement and life that is constantly going on in our church to our website is not an easy task but the website team offers something to do for anybody with any or no experience with websites or computer programming. Every idea is welcome as our website is a living, breathing entity that needs to be constantly fed with content and love.

While our website provides a rich experience where people can get a much more in-depth understanding of what is happening in our church on a day-to-day basis, social media outlets have provided us with a means to get a message out instantly to our followers.  Designing and creating social media commentary takes some graphic design skills as well as writing skills to really provide a vivid image to the person reading it.  We are constantly re-evaluating everything we create for ways to make our message “jump off the page” and become “shouted from mountaintops”!

For those who prefer one synopsis of events and church life, the Community Outreach Ministry is also in charge of our email based newsletter: The Messenger.  Each month, we send out an up-to-date schedule of all that is going on at the church.  Picking out highlights, special events and moving scriptures to paint a living picture of our church life.  We are always looking for people to contribute content for this wonderful and important communication.  Many of our congregation look forward to looking in their email boxes to find and email from First Congregational Church of Ft. Lauderdale!

There’s a lot that goes on every Sunday and we are often the silent and unnoticed, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  For us, the next Sunday worship starts right after the current one when we get the details of what music is going to be played or sung, as well as every other aspect of the services. If it’s happening in the service, we usually have a part in it.  So much so, that part of the communications ministry requires that we have a representative at the weekly W.A.M.M. meetings.

After we have the outline, it’s time to go to work.  Our Audio/Visual gurus take hours upon hours creating all the visual aids that are presented on the projector screens each week.  Custom graphic artwork is created, scripture typed, power points set up, animations timed, microphones tested and many, many sound checks!  3, 2, 1, Camera and we’re not only controlling the video that is seen and the audio that is heard at the service in the sanctuary, but also the video that is recorded and streamed on our website for those of you who war unable to attend for one reason or another.

The Community Outreach Ministry is a faith-based group that only wants to get the Lord’s message out the best way possible. So, no matter where you are on life’s journey, you are not only welcome here…if you aren’t here, we make you feel like you are!

If you are interested in volunteering for the Community Outreach Ministry, please Email us or click here and let us know how you’d like to offer your talents!


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